Activities / Events

Academic conference papers, invited seminars, and public lectures.


February 29th 2019 – Invited speaker, London Group of Historical Geographers Seminar series (Institute of Historical Studies). Theme of spring term series: Archives and Activism.

Room 1-03, 11 Bedford Square, WC1B 3RE. (Access from corner of Montague Place)

– Paper “What benefits women benefits all”: gender and the historical geographies of the public library”. Paper presentation alongside “Suffrage activism: who speaks for me?” (Debbie Challis, LSE)

13 – 15th January 2019 – Organiser, HGRG Writing retreat, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden.

Co-ordinator of the inaugural HGRG virtual writing retreat (twitter) #HGRGVirtualWritingRetreat which ran in real-time alongside the residential writing retreat.

October 10th 2018. Lunchtime seminar series, Department of Global Studies, University of Sussex.

– Paper title: Public Library Geographies: Pasts, Present, Futures.

September 3 – 5th, 3rd 2018. International Conference on Geographies of Education, University of Loughborough.

– Paper title: Public Libraries and Geographies of Education.

August 29th – 31st 2018. Royal Geographical Society and Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference, University of Cardiff, Wales.

Chair and Co-Convenor (with Innes Keighren) of SCGRG sponsored session Landscapes of Detectorists.

– Paper: “That’s got to be a first, woman reads map.” Gender, hobby geographies, and the landscapes of Detectorists.

July 25 – 26, 2018. Beyond the Pedestrian, Department of Geography, University of Liverpool.

–Invited Plenary speaker. Talk entitled Beyond the Pedestrian: Geography Workshop Productions Limited: Experimental ways of making and Practising geographical knowledge making.

July 15th – 20th,  2018. 17th International Conference of Historical Geographers, University of Warsaw, Poland.

– Round Table: Maps and Stories: What does the future look like for historical geographers? Panel discussant along with Miles Osborn, David Lambert, Maria Lane and David Bodenhamer. Presentation title: Histories of intersectional geography and intersectional historical geographies.

– Co-convenor with Cheryl McGeachan and Carolyn Gibbon of (In)Visible Architectures: tracing institutional geographies. Paper to present: Public Library Geographies: Architectures, Technologies, Performativities.

14th – 16th January 2018 Inaugural HGRG Writing Retreat, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, Flintshire.

– organiser.

15 – 16th June 2017,  Spaces for Secular Faith British Academy funded interdisciplinary conference, University of West England, Arnolfini, Bristol.

– Paper title: Public Libraries as spaces for secular faith.

10th May 2017,  University of Hull. Department of Geography Departmental Seminar Series, Hull.

– Invited speaker. Title of paper: The Historical and Cultural Geographies of Public Libraries.

5 – 6th May 2017,  University of Lincoln: Sonic Cyberfeminisms.

– Invited speaker: Paper title: Geography Workshop: Radio Production and the series ’Er Outdoors.

November 1st 2016,  HGRG Practising Historical Geography, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, Wales.

– Invited speaker. Paper presented: Postgraduate Reflections

October 22nd 2016  Rabbit Road Institute – Library Launch, Romford Road, London. Organised by Alternative School of Economics.

– Invited speaker. Public lecture given with Alice Corble entitled Spirit of ’64 in 2016: Public Libraries and emancipatory spaces.

September 14th – 16th Anarchist Studies Network Conference, University of Loughborough.

– Paper:  Anarcha-feminism: Geography, Publishing and Education in session The Interdisciplinary Promise of Anarchist Geographies (Session convenors: Richard White and Ant Ince).

August 30th – September 1st 2016,  Royal Geographical Society (RGS) Annual Conference, Kensington Gore, South Kensington, London.

Convened, chaired, and presented in the session Public Libraries and Geographies of Knowledge. Speakers included public librarians, sociologists and historians of architecture and planning and academic geographers.

– Paper presented: Public Libraries and Geographies of Knowledge. Also,

-Also presented in Historical Geographies of Peace and Non-Violence Session (Convenor Nick Megoran)

Paper “Is Anyone Brave Enough?”: School Geography Education and the 1987 War and Peace issue of Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education (CIGE) in , RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London.

May 19th 2016. University of Glasgow Department of Geography. Teaching Away Day.

– Invited speaker. Presentation: Archival Activisms: Afterlives of CIGE.

April 30th Alternative School of Economics, Rabbits Road Institute, Old Manor Park Library, Romford Road, London.

– Invited speaker. Public Lecture. Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education (1983 – 1991): Context, overview, and afterlives. In Ways of Working – Alternative and Radical Education in Schools.

July 5th – 10th 2015. International Conference of Historical Geographers, Royal Geographical Society, London.

Under Its Own Name? Feminist historical geography (1) Rethinking the making of geography.

Paper title: The emancipatory geographies of Dawn Gill and Contemporary Issues in Geography and education: feminist historiographies from the 1980s. in

June 15th  2012. The Geographical Canon? HPGRG workshop, St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford.

– Invited speaker. Paper given: Geography Education and the Geographical Canon.

11th May 2011   Department of Geography, University College London, Bedford Way, London.

– Invited speaker for Lunchtime Seminar Series. Paper given: Critical Geography education and geographies of enchantment: Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education.

13th November 2010. ESRC Seminar: Border Crossings: Geographies across universities and schools, Soar Valley College, Leicester. Seminar part of the ESRC Engaging Geographies seminar series.

Invited to convene a workshop entitled: Experimental educational engagements: Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education. Followed by a short talk Tales of DIY publications and critical and creative collaborations.

October 13th 2010. Communicating Public Geographies, Institute of Education, University of London. ESRC Engaging Geographies seminar series.

– Paper More than just textbooks: Geography education and the Archive given at the launch of Secondary School Geography Textbook Archive, Institute of Education, London. Paper given as a double-header with Dr Rex Walford.

April 10th  2010. Geographical Association Annual Conference, University of Derby.

Invited speaker on a panel discussion entitled Ethnic Minority access to Geography session.

26 – 28 August 2009, RGS-IBG Annual Conference, University Place, Manchester .

Co-convenor (with Helen Holmes) WGSG sponsored session Gender, geography, knowledge and society: emerging research and researcher.

Co-convenor (With Isla Forsyth, William Hasty and Cheryl McGeachan. HGRG sponsored session Certain Subjects? Constructing identities, personalities and personas from the archive.

RGS-IBG Annual conference, RGS, London 27 – 29 August 2008.

HGRG session Using History Politically.

Paper given: Democratising geography education production and the journal Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education.

Co-Convenor (with Kye Askins) PGWG session Geographies of In/difference: Whose Geographies matter? Panel discussion session.

Co-Convenor (With Ruth Healey) Gender matters: Postgraduate reflections.

1st – 7th December 2007. International Conference of Critical Geography, Tata Institute, Mumbai, India.

– Paper title: Folk Geographies and critical geography education: Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education.

August 29th – 31st 2007. Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society (with the IBG), RGS, London.

Two papers given:

– Ebullient and Invisible: a story of two female critical radical geography educators in WGSG sponsored session, new Research, New Researchers;

– Peripheral visions and marginal musings: Aural and oral historical geographies and critical geography education, in HGRG Postgraduate Research in Historical Geography.

May 2007         As postgraduate member of the Women and Geography Study Group (now Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group) of the RGS, I co-organised (With Ruth Healy) a reading weekend in Derbyshire (May 2007).

August 30 – September 1st, 2006.  RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Kensington Gore, London.

In SCGRG sponsored session Public sociologies, public geographies?

Paper title – “Jo, I won’t go back to another school, I’ll do all me learning  on the streets – fuck that shit”: exploding geography education.