Vernacular geographical knowledges.

I have explored ideas of environmental sustainability, nature, Englishness, and geographies of dissent, transgression and resistance through (auto)ethnographic research an anti-roads protest (The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act and Newbury bypass roads protests 1995/1996 – MRes, RHUL(1998).

I remain particularly interested in the way working class women’s knowledges are documented and recorded, and have undertaken research into the disappearance of post-war working class landscapes in West Hampstead and in particular recovering the stories of working class women’s lives from four streets in NW6 (BA, RHUL(1995). I remain interested in the ways in which everyday knowledges are transferred through stories ( ‘old wives tales’), and embodied quotidian practise, and how these inform understanding and interactions with the natural world. I am especially interested in how these vernacular knowledges are navigated and given space for legitimate consideration through everyday lives lived, through walking practices and hobbies, anecdotes and myths.