Geography Workshop

Dr Jo Norcup is founder and director of Geography Workshop Productions.

Formed in part to create space and means of production for scholarly-informed, creatively inspired productions, Geography Workshop has, since 2015, produced radio programmes, multi-media educational resources, public lectures, and bespoke workshops/field trips to ignite and inspire delegates and audiences to be curiously creative, to think, to listen, to learn and to facilitate the communication of stories, lives, people and places that might otherwise be overlooked.

These have included:

  1. Radio programmes

Since 2016, Jo and Geography Workshop have been working with Michael Umney at Resonance FM developing radio programmes broadcast by Resonance FM Clear Spot] as well as developing programme ideas with Michael and Resonance FM Productions for other broadcast companies, such as BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 3.

The first of these BBC radio productions, based on the ‘Er Outdoors series for Resonance FM, called Women Who Walk (part of BBC Radio 4’s The Art of Now series) aired on 8th October, 2018. Jo devised the programme and was its script writer/editor and adviser. The sounds were recorded and produced by Michael Umney and the programme was presented by Doon Mackichan. Walking Women artists who contributed to the BBC programme included Prof Dee Heddon, Lucy Furlong, Dr Morag Rose, Amy Shamrocks and Kubra Khademi. Additional artists including Prof Cathy Turner, Clare Qualmann and Alison Lloyd contributed to the Resonance FM programmes.

The BBC radio programme can be found here.

Further reading resources can be found on the Geography Workshop website, and podcasts of the longer interviews are currently in post-production.

Details of past and present productions can be found here


  • Workshops and public lectures.

On behalf of Geography Workshop, Jo has organised workshops, events, and public lectures.  Tn the recent past, these have included:

  • Organising the HGRG (RGS-IBG) writing retreat (2018 and 2019), including initiating the twitter ‘virtual’ writing retreat #HistGeoAcWri #HGRGWritingRetreat.
  • Co-presenting (With Dr Alice Corble) a public lecture on public libraries entitled The Spirit of ’64 in 2016: Public libraries and Emancipatory spaces which discussed the history of public libraries in the UK, the sociological and geographical benefits of the Public Libraries and Museums Act of 1964, and the changes to this municipal and civic vision since 2010. Held at the Rabbits Road institute / Old Manor Park Library at the launch of the Rabbits Road institute library, 2016. Further details can be found here
  • Giving a public lecture on the histories of radical school education as part of artists Amy Feneck and Ruth Beale’s Alternative School of Economics series of works ‘The Rich as A Minority Group’ (the title came from the essay title by Anne Simpson in her essay in the third issue of Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education). Ways of Working considered alternative approaches to education. This was a day event of free lectures and the website shows me giving my presentation (with founder of CIGE, Dawn Gill in the back row of the second photo).

Other workshops are planned for 2019 and details of these and their associated resources will be available later in the year.